Thursday, March 19, 2009

See the difference

Hello buddies,

Not too late this time... but I had some things in mind which I wanted to share for quite a long time now... Have tried to jot it down here..

In the busy life, we often forget how something can make a difference; we fail to notice the happiness that we ourselves can create. here are few of them, when just noticed can bring a huge difference, we just need to see it in the right perspective. You can see a difference when you,

1. Listen
- Never just hear to what other are saying, try and listen to it, often people are busy compiling their talk when the other person is talking..avoid it as much as possible.. Only when you really keep quite to listen to some one, it makes a diference!

2. Appreciate and compliment
- learn to appreciate, when ever you feel there is some one going out of their way to achieve something, when you feel a person is doing more than what he should, when some one has done a good job(irrespective of magnitude) appreciate it.. Let him know u do so... Compliment generously, but be genuine...tell some one if they are loooking nice,tell some one if U like some quality in them(do not concentrate on things u dislike) and see the difference.

3. Encourage
- Small words of encouragement can change some one's life... encourage when ever u feel there is a need.. it cud be some one's new attempt, encourage some one's dream.. It might indeed make the person go ahead.(PS: if someone believes he can achive something,and even if you know its next to impossible, do not discourage!)

4. Value
- Value other's time, other's feelings, especially of your own family and friends, b’coz they need you the most, never take them for granted. Learn to say "take care", "I love you” as often as possible. It does make a difference. Spend time laughing with them. Let them know u care, let them know u love, let them know u need them.
But don’t try to make everyone around you happy. Accept that's its not gonna happen.. Value the happiness of those who matters to you...learn to ignore things that make no difference to you, but do learn to differentiate between the two!

5. Understand
- I know it’s not always easy... And it’s not always necessary too. But when it’s needed try!
Only way to do..."Put yourself in their shoes and think what you would have done if you were in their place"...for sure.. it can help a great deal...
so many things just get solved by understanding the situation!

Again, this is purely based on my perception... may be its helpful, may be its not..
Following this has made my life better in some way, hope it does for you too...

Friends, this time while commenting, please add at least one thing which might be tiny but yet can make difference...



Anonymous said...
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Vaibhav said...

Excellent the fact that you are still writing.

Deepika said...

@ Vaibhav
You will always remain my inspiration.

Beanie said...

Well, I don't know what to add, but I would like to pick up some points from here. These small actions do matter a lot, but these days people just don't have the time to contemplate on these things...

guannie said... r here..the universe is here..i am here..well done luv :)

Vani Kulkarni said...

Dahling Deep,
Cute blog.
I keep emailing you, to no avail. At your gmail and sap IDs both.
I have added you to the list (in the blog). Hope you are able to view it now.
Write to me.
Lots Luv..