Thursday, April 22, 2010

25 ways to be Happy in Life

1.Marry the right person. This decision will determine the 90% of your happiness and misery.

2.Work at something you enjoy and worthy your time and talent

3.Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

4.Become most enthusiastic and positive person you know.

5.Be forgiving for yourself and others.

6.Be generous.

7.Be yourself.

8.Have a great Heart.

9.Persistence, Persistence and persistence.

10.Discipline yourself to save money even with modest salary.

11.Treat everyone you meet as you want to be treated.

12.Commit yourself to constant improvement.

13.Commit yourself to Quality.

14.Understand that happiness is not in possessions, power and relationship but within people you love and respect.

15.Be loyal

16.Be Honest.

17.Be self – starter.

18.Be decisive even if it means you'll be wrong.

19.Stop blaming others, Take responsibility of every area of your life.

20.Be bold and courageous, when you look back at your life, you'll regret the things you didn't do more than ones you did.

21.Take care of those you love.

22.Don't do any thing that wouldn't make your Mom proud.

23.Close your eyes and smile sometime.

24.Thank to GOD for every meal you eat.

25.Try to be honest with yourself.

Monday, August 17, 2009

And we learn...

Hey Friends,

Before starting this blog,let me add a disclaimer that this one is going to be a long one and u might be bored :).

I often feel life is a journey with continuous learning..I know everyone would agree with me on this.I also think Life is the only teacher who teaches about itself in its own ways and while the life was busy teaching itself to me ,I met few wonderful people who have taught me something or the other(knowingly or unknowingly) which has made my thinking better,my life better, my way of looking upon this world better...

This blog is a dedication to all those people who taught me something on the way so far.this is not in any order, just mentioned names as they came to my mind.. here it goes :)

Anu - one my best friends,who has been with me through the thick and thin,taught me how to save money :)..most valued lesson so far..:)

Ashwini - though she was known as the most impatient and restless girl in my hostel,my room mate for 3 years taught me patience unknowingly,i must say she was the girl with utmost patience who would never say anything to anyone no matter what anyone told her,did to her or commented on her.

Monica - my first room mate in hostel who was my senior taught me determination in her own ways.

Vaibhav - My colleague who turned my best friend in no time, taught me to blog(else this post would not have been here),along with lot of other things he taught me to aim higher and he taught me how to strategise..(which i am still learning).

Vani - she is one lively girl who lives life on her own terms taught me that taking risks is the only way of living.i learnt that there is no thrill in life if u don't take risks from her..

Deepak - No matter how old you are, its fine to be kiddish :)..that's how he is.. and that's what he has taught me... :

Gowtham - along with teaching me eating ice creams in rain, he has taught me to listen to my heart.

Farah - My confider taught me to love myself.!

Deepa - my junior in hostel who is one of my best friends, taught me how to give unconditonal love..

Kiran - He taught me to be myself!i learnt to talk my mind and heart out without inhibition from him...

Kavitha - My senior at office with whom i worked for first 2 and half years taught me dedication,looking at the bigger picture!

Mahesh - my mentor for the last six months, along with teaching me java and inumerable lessons has taught me the share market basics..(i know hundred people who are into share market but he was the first one to start teaching me :))

Venki - one of my best friends who is lively and cheerful 24/7 taught me to Trust and Hope!I have learnt that its the biggest strength in life!

Romeo - my 3 months old puppy, the most adorable pup ever, before going away taught me compassion for animals and motherly love :)...

I thank all of you..KUDOS to all you guys..:)

I know there is no end to the list, but these are the few most memorable ones.Of course i have not included my sisters and parents from whom i have learnt most of life's lessons (most valuable)because there are no words to describe them.
Also i might have not mentioned few names either because i have forgotten or i think its not appropriate to mention here,sorry for that...

This one is way of saying thanks to all those who have made my life better....

Love ,

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Never talk defeat. Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory. -- Norman Vincent Peale

Practice hope. As hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanently happy spirit. -- Norman Vincent Peale

Hope makes things work.Hope gives strength to take a step forward.Hope makes u give your best.Hope leads you to victory.Hope lets you win.Hope makes Life Better.

Always remember Some day everything will make perfect sense,so for now laugh through the confusion,smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason and the reason is always good..!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

something out of place ! tagged !

I was tagged by one of my blogger friends,here it goes..

I am thinking...
How do i make things alright which i think have gone wrong!

I said...
A few things which I wish, I hadn't.

I want...
to watch a nice movie.

I wish...
I had stopped working,yet get considerable amount every month to fulfill all the needs

I miss...
the rainy days of last year(reason is a secret)

I hear...
right now..its vanessa hudgens' when its not alright(say Ok)!

I wonder...
if all stories have a happy ending.

I regret...
not doing things i am capable of.

I am...
yet another human being,who is simple yet complicated,unique yet so much like you

I dance...
everytime i feel like..

I sing...
thru out the day...(my poor sister bears me!)

I cry...
when I feel helpless,sad or touched.

I am not...
a pretender

I write...
because i need to store my thoughts somewhere.

I confuse...
no one, i'm pretty clear about what I think and speak.

I need...
a vacation :) (or a outing)

I should...
get my driving licence as soon as possible.

I finish...
this tag without skipping any question..(yay!)

I tag anybody who comes across this and finds it interesting!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

See the difference

Hello buddies,

Not too late this time... but I had some things in mind which I wanted to share for quite a long time now... Have tried to jot it down here..

In the busy life, we often forget how something can make a difference; we fail to notice the happiness that we ourselves can create. here are few of them, when just noticed can bring a huge difference, we just need to see it in the right perspective. You can see a difference when you,

1. Listen
- Never just hear to what other are saying, try and listen to it, often people are busy compiling their talk when the other person is talking..avoid it as much as possible.. Only when you really keep quite to listen to some one, it makes a diference!

2. Appreciate and compliment
- learn to appreciate, when ever you feel there is some one going out of their way to achieve something, when you feel a person is doing more than what he should, when some one has done a good job(irrespective of magnitude) appreciate it.. Let him know u do so... Compliment generously, but be genuine...tell some one if they are loooking nice,tell some one if U like some quality in them(do not concentrate on things u dislike) and see the difference.

3. Encourage
- Small words of encouragement can change some one's life... encourage when ever u feel there is a need.. it cud be some one's new attempt, encourage some one's dream.. It might indeed make the person go ahead.(PS: if someone believes he can achive something,and even if you know its next to impossible, do not discourage!)

4. Value
- Value other's time, other's feelings, especially of your own family and friends, b’coz they need you the most, never take them for granted. Learn to say "take care", "I love you” as often as possible. It does make a difference. Spend time laughing with them. Let them know u care, let them know u love, let them know u need them.
But don’t try to make everyone around you happy. Accept that's its not gonna happen.. Value the happiness of those who matters to you...learn to ignore things that make no difference to you, but do learn to differentiate between the two!

5. Understand
- I know it’s not always easy... And it’s not always necessary too. But when it’s needed try!
Only way to do..."Put yourself in their shoes and think what you would have done if you were in their place"...for sure.. it can help a great deal...
so many things just get solved by understanding the situation!

Again, this is purely based on my perception... may be its helpful, may be its not..
Following this has made my life better in some way, hope it does for you too...

Friends, this time while commenting, please add at least one thing which might be tiny but yet can make difference...


Friday, March 13, 2009

Everyone is special!

Hey friends,

After the year ended 3 months back, Now I get some time to retrospect the achievements of last year.. Well, No significant achievements, no awards, No major success, for a while I wondered did I live last year? Or I just existed?...
Have you come across the same situation, have you felt life is standing still...
Have you felt you are not doing anything important, have you felt you are of little importance?..Hmmm... Not really...
We often tend to ignore the small achievements in the pursuit of the bigger success.
we forget that everything is important, every small thing achieved is a success, a job change, a project finished, a new friend made, a new hobby discovered, a help you offered which changed some one's life, a smile that you brought on your loved ones' face, realizing your life needs a change (and you implemented it, amazing!), you made some one realize that they mean a lot to you, great.. Everything is success. I’m sure you would have done hundreds of those.. Do you know "you are special”. At least everyone I know has done at least one of the above.. :)

Of course, the long term goals are important, make sure you achieve them. But never ignore the little ones that have actually led you to achieve the bigger one.

"dont be afraid to give your best at what seemingly are small jobs,Everytime You conquer one it makes you that much stronger.If you do little jobs well, the bigger ones tend to take care of themselves" -Dale Carneige

Start measuring the success now, start realizing today how important you are. Sometimes it’s necessary to feel on your own that you are special, because only you are responsible for making yourself happy! And if you try you will always succeed in making life better and this world a better place to be in...