Friday, March 13, 2009

Everyone is special!

Hey friends,

After the year ended 3 months back, Now I get some time to retrospect the achievements of last year.. Well, No significant achievements, no awards, No major success, for a while I wondered did I live last year? Or I just existed?...
Have you come across the same situation, have you felt life is standing still...
Have you felt you are not doing anything important, have you felt you are of little importance?..Hmmm... Not really...
We often tend to ignore the small achievements in the pursuit of the bigger success.
we forget that everything is important, every small thing achieved is a success, a job change, a project finished, a new friend made, a new hobby discovered, a help you offered which changed some one's life, a smile that you brought on your loved ones' face, realizing your life needs a change (and you implemented it, amazing!), you made some one realize that they mean a lot to you, great.. Everything is success. I’m sure you would have done hundreds of those.. Do you know "you are special”. At least everyone I know has done at least one of the above.. :)

Of course, the long term goals are important, make sure you achieve them. But never ignore the little ones that have actually led you to achieve the bigger one.

"dont be afraid to give your best at what seemingly are small jobs,Everytime You conquer one it makes you that much stronger.If you do little jobs well, the bigger ones tend to take care of themselves" -Dale Carneige

Start measuring the success now, start realizing today how important you are. Sometimes it’s necessary to feel on your own that you are special, because only you are responsible for making yourself happy! And if you try you will always succeed in making life better and this world a better place to be in...



Walking Star said...

Nice One. Felt good after reading this morning.

kiran said...

Its quite true deepika.. In life we find reasons not to be happy..
Some times even if happiness stares at us, we would, rather accept it, be wondering whether we deserve it..
Life is to be lived every moment..
Choice is urs.. U can live in sadness or happiness.

Its not the situation which amkes u unhappy, howvere its just ur perception about the situation which decides it.. So redirect ur thoughts.. Appreciate ur self..

Somebody has said; "Never build A Case Against Your Self"..

So its up to u.. Live each moment.
Enjoy everything u do...
Derive Happiness from things which u fail to see in ur busy life.. Things such as the smile of the stranger whom u meet on travel every day; joy of having lunch with ur friends/loved ones; satisfaction of doing ur work to ur best, relief of the fact that u ll get one more day to live tomorrow...

Feel the DIfference..

And Yes Deepika.. I take this opportunity to request 2 favour..
1. Kannada Translation - U know what i mean..
2. I wish to include this topic of urs in my book...


Nemesis said...

Very nice.. A very good thought Deepika.. Cheers..

Deepika said...

@ walking star
thanks. i'm glad abt it.
thanks dear.
your comment is a post in itself.
both ur requests are considered.
-kannada translation will be done once you finish your book.
-keep a track of topics borrowed! :D
thanks :)

Beanie said...

Hmm...A lot a retrospection I would say. I completely agree, though.

Yes, small things are as important as the big ones.

A bit of philosophy from my side:
Compare these:
a) Add up all small things that make you happy.
b) Add up all bigger things that make you happy.

Which is more?? :-)

Deepika said...

Small things that make me happy weigh more. :) and its proved for me.

Venki said...

Hmm..Great Blog...Very well written and its so very True.

Many times Pursuit of bigger makes Us ignore the small things on the way !!

Rejoicing moments of Life be it small or Big and the very realisations of every such event swill surely cheer Us up at all junctures...Its a great motivation too..

Truly live in the moment !!Try seeing the positive side of events and dont give Up for the brightness is sure to Shine !!

Live Your Life not with a relief that You are alive for one more day :) but with thoughts as to how much You can do more and better for the days ahead !!

Deepika said...

well said..
first of all thanks.
I have learnt this over sometime now, loving and enjoying the small things, hoping for best and forgetting things that dont make me happy(even if its something big)..
this indeed is a true motivation..