Monday, October 29, 2007

Stay Colorful!!

Hi all,
Some one asked me why did I chose this template for my Blog, and I said green is my lucky color :D ... so I chose this one….did u know that each color has a psychological effect,each color is associated with some emotions and we have a strong reaction to each color.I read some where that Military uniforms are intentionally colored to give statement and impose authority,did u know babies cry most often, in yellow rooms,Its advised to avoid wearing blue colors when u are depressed,purple is associated with royalty and Cleopatra loved purple color, Green is the easiest color on the eye and it causes people to relax,Therefore hospital rooms are often green. Red increases the appetite, so Many restaurants are decorated in red.
when we know the reactions associated with each color,it can give a set of guidelines for flattering effect of your clothes. Like for example
Black is associated with mysterious, sophisticated, glum, deadly
blue with Serene, calming, cool, quiet,freshness
brown with Warm, earthy, drabgray with subtle, dignified, cold
green with Fresh, successful, loving, greedy
orange with Happy, cheerful, new, motivated
pink with sensual,Soft, innocent, delicate, feminine, delicious
red with Alert, warning, sexual, aggressive, energetic, cheerful, angry, vital, exciting
violet with Royal, rich, stately, passionate, subtle but sexy, impressive, alone
white with Clean, pure, young, safe, simple
yellow with Sunny, bright, hopeful, optimistic, joyful....
Next time keep these point in mind before You shop for clothes..
Wear the right color to brighten up ur day.When u wear the right color, it will make ur each day a more cheerful one and helps u stay up in energy all the time.
Hope this makes your each day a little Better!
stay colorful friends….



Vaibhav said...

Interesting post...a feedback from my end, add some pics.. they give more color to your words ;)

Gowtham said...

oh i tought the reason army uniforms are in green is because the camaflouge them.... anyway great post.. where did u get all these information from :)

Balaji said...

Good post

kiran said...

its as sweet as uuu...

Anonymous said...

Colors add color to our lives. And very correctly said each color brings out a mood from within us to the outside world.

Maybe you should add Black. "Black is the most powerful color becuase black is a mix of all colors. It has the power to hide any mood or emotions."

But there is one color I could not find a match in the vibgyor. The beautiful color of your smile. Which one is it?

Your secret friend...